The Giving Boutique Dallas is back this year!

Here at Carter’s House, we are excited, pumped and ready to partner with Black Celebrity Giving by hosting their Giving Boutique. With this event, it’s not just about giving clothes away to children and teens in need, it’s about giving them the foundation they need to be successful.

When donating clothes, most of the time they come in large dark trash bags, or boxes, which can make the person receiving the clothes not feel so great about themselves. With this event, we want to instill integrity, dignity and confidence in these children and teens, as they prepare for their school years and their lives.

How does GBD work?

We share the information within our community to homeless/low income families, shelters, etc about the event and are signed up prior to it, so that we can properly prepare for them. The set up is a pop up shop, where the clothes are folded neatly or hung up, there’s soothing background music and lite bites for our shoppers to enjoy throughout their experience. It’s just like shopping at your favorite store!

Since most homeless and low income families don’t have the access to shop, or go into boutiques, we want to bring that experience to them. About 75% of children experience bullying because of how they’re dressed, this can be especially stressful, because the child being bullied can endure mental and physical abuse, leading into low performance in school and other issues that prevent them from being successful, according to


In August 2015,

Carter’s House joined forces with Black Celebrity Giving and The Giving Blueprint to bring the Giving Boutique to Dallas for the first time. As the lead clothing partner for this event, we were responsible for the collection and storage of all donated items. We were helped greatly by our awesome team members:  Kimberly O’Neil,  Giving Blueprint and Dem Rare Diamonds, a social club that took care of all of the pickups of clothes. This event was huge for our community. With the help of our amazing volunteers, and sponsors, we were able to serve 139 children and gave out approximately 1,946 items, valued at $6,670.00. What an impact!


TGBD family

With our initiative to serve more children this year, we also want to spread awareness of how important it is to recycle and donate your clothes. Someone out there needs them, and if we continue to throw away these clothes we put our community at a disadvantage but we also hurt the environment. According to The Balance, Americans throw away an average of “80 lbs of clothes per person” resulting in 15 million tons of clothes being thrown away each year. 

In 2016,

We were able to help even more children! 551 children were served, 61 of them being homeless. We also distributed 222 items, with the approximate value of the clothing being $5 and shoes $1,332. We are expecting this year to be even more amazing and to serve even more children in need!

Not to mention Raheem Devaughn, also stopped by and spent time helping the shoppers and children get ready for school!

This event will be held in August, specific dates will be announced soon, if you think you’d like to be apart of this by donating time, money or clothes, please email us at We can’t wait to see you!


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