Do you have old clothes just laying around your home, wasting away and taking up space? Do you just throw them in the garbage when you’ve had enough? Well You should probably stop doing that, as throwing your old clothes away is harming our environment. How does it harm the environment, you ask? Well let’s start by the amount of toxic emissions that are let out as these old clothes decompose, which include methane, carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases (toxic pollutants we don’t need in our breathing air).

On a higher note, you can help change this, by donating your old clothes to local charities, such as Carter’s House or any other clothing bank in your area. Not only are you helping clean up your community, but you’re also giving back in a huge way!

Community Impacts

So back to those pile of clothes sitting in your closet, what to do with them? If they’re still in somewhat good condition, donate them, reuse them or re-purpose them to the fullest extent possible. Putting back into your community not only fosters good connections, but you provide someone else with a chance to feel good about themselves. As a clothing bank, we specialize in children’s clothing, by providing school uniforms and some everyday wear for families that are homeless, and who have low incomes. Your old clothes that you’re not wearing, can give someone else a chance at being successful in life.

As well you could possibly be providing jobs within your community, and serve them as being a helpful resource for those in need.

Environmental Impacts

With growing landfills, of decomposing clothes, you can help eliminate this effect by reusing, re-purposing and donating your clothes. Just think if every household did this, our landfills would decrease the amount of harmful toxins in the air. The thought of doing this alone can be overwhelming, but there are local nonprofit organizations that can help you take that load off!

According to Huff Post the U.S alone, “recycled some 2.3 million tons of textile waste. That brought a reduction in greenhouse gases equivalent to taking 1.2 million cars off the road for an entire year.”

How is that for an impact? Remember, not only are you positively making an impact on the environment, but you’re also propelling your community in a positive direction.

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