Today we’re spotlighting one of our loyal and amazing volunteers, Chante Jarvis! We recently interviewed her, and got the chance to see her perspective of what it means to be a volunteer. Enjoy below!

Interview with Chante Jarvis

CH:  “Tell us a little about Chante! What do you normally do when you’re not volunteering?”

CJ: “When I’m not volunteering, I am being the best mom I know to be, to my two blessings. I am also a learning and development professional working to ensure corporate employees have the proper tools needed for success. ”

CH: “What led you to start volunteering with Carter’s House?”

CJ: “Carter’s House founder, Shawanna Carter, discussed her plan with me. I knew her spirit of charity was genuine and her testimony could positively impact multiple lives; I made the day one commitment to provide assistance anyway possible.”

CH: “What’s your definition of community service?”

CJ: “Community Service to me means providing an unselfish deed to uplift others and remind them they are not alone during challenging times.”

CH: “How long have you been volunteering with Carter’s House?”

CJ: “My volunteer work with Carter’s House began a little over 2 years ago.”

CH: “What was your first impression of Carter’s House?”

CJ: “My initial impression was “she (Shawana) gets it”. She understands what it means to be unselfish and living life beyond herself. The level of professionalism and humanitarianism is unquestionable and makes Carter’s House a recognized charity in the DFW area and beyond.”

CH: “How do you feel when you serve your community?”

CJ: “Serving my community provides me a sense of restoration. There was a time when my community ‘filled the gap’ and in some sense, we have lost that. In order to restore, we must remember the ‘village’ foundation we grew up in.”

We truly appreciate the time Chante took to be honest and open with her experience so far with Carter’s House. As well, we hope that your volunteer spirit has been stirred so much, that you want to start helping your community! If you’d like to become a Carter’s House Champion, please click here to join!

As always, we appreciate your continued support!