Who are we?

Year round we provide new and gently used clothing to children in homeless and low income families at no cost. We strive to provide parents this service in order to reduce the financial hardship some experience when purchasing clothing for their children. We provide parents a “shopping” experience without the price tag. We are currently able to provide school uniforms, everyday wear, socks, undergarments and coats.

Carter’s House seeks to help those that do not meet the housing criteria required by many assistance programs. Customers are only asked only asked to meet one of these requirements: Can the you provide current proof of receipt of state benefits? Are the children receiving free or reduced-price lunch? If not, processes are in place which allow the possibility of eligibility for other deserving families. Irving ISD is made up of 80% low-income families, and for Dallas ISD, the figure exceeds 90%, so generally the answer is yes to the free / reduced lunch question. These figures, and similar ones for communities throughout the Metroplex, are indicative of real and continuing need for clothing assistance for large numbers of students in Dallas County.

Carter’s House is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, in the Martin Luther King, Jr Center in Dallas, Texas, and primarily serves children ages 0-18 in Dallas County, although there are annual events open to all who meet eligibility criteria.  Currently services are provided through two programs:

is a year-round program that allows our potential clients to apply for assistance through elementary-school counselors and through several community partners countywide.  As of 2018, we have been able to provide school uniforms to over 2,000 children at a savings of over $ 200,000.00

is our mid-year and summer initiative. This program partners with other organizations to ensure that students are prepared for a great school year.

Carter’s House, a registered 501 c(3) organization, is a grassroots organization which is deeply embedded in the communities which it serves.  As such it continually seeks collaborative relationships with area civic, corporate, and government entities for the purpose of leveraging resources and coordinating and aligning efforts to assure that all children arrive in school well-clothed and ready to learn.  Community partners have included Dallas ISD, Irving ISD, Black Celebrity Giving, and the State Fair of Texas. Corporate partners have included Target, and U-Haul, Tee and Tea Events, Top Drawer Laundry, and The Afterparty Radio among others. For more information on partnering with Carter’s House, please send an email to donate@cartershouse.org

Volunteer Actions