The Clothing Boutique provides a low-cost shopping experience for families in the North Texas metroplex. We provide our services to families who are homeless or hard-working in low-income situations regardless of the zip code or region in the metropolis. Carter’s House Clothing Boutique aims to give confidence to families in choosing clothing for their everyday interactions. Our approach prepares them for job hunting, college interviews, graduation, employment, and school uniforms. 

  • Walk-ins are not accepted anymore. You MUST have an appointment to shop with us, except in the case of an extreme emergency. 

  • Administrative Fees are requested and it is based on the number of children.

  • Please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns about the administrative fee.

The Boutique is inside Park South YMCA in South Dallas and is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30 am - 2 pm. 


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The Urban Village was created to empower parents and caregivers of children ages seven (7) years and older residing in zip codes 75215, 75216, 75210, and 75241 who gather to discuss parenting issues, concerns, and situations confidentially. Discussions are consistently rooted in creating more balanced, harmonious lives for families in low-income communities. Participants can join the conversation in in-person meetings, which also require advance registration to access articles and topics, held in a roundtable environment every other Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at Park South YMCA at 2500 Romine Avenue.  

Conversations are led by a team of three facilitators, including:

  • Shawana Carter, founder and executive director of Carter’s House,

  •  Tamique Akins, a school counselor in the Irving Independent School District.

  • Jamie Reynolds, founder of More Parallax, Defined

Topics range from

  • Health and wellness

  • Family to self-care and take care of the home,

  • Authentic engagement in a child’s education,

  • Relationships with educators and administrators within the educational environment,

  • Working through transitions throughout a child’s school career,

  • Nutrition and internet safety. 

  • Co-parenting


“Our collaborative conversations encourage an open exchange of ideas and experiences in a safe environment,”-S. Carter. 

The Urban Village is growing every week as we welcome new participants in our discussions about navigating life, services available to parents and caregivers, and opportunities for empowerment.” 

Because The Urban Village encourages expressive discussions that are often sensitive and private, participation in the group requires mutual trust, healthy debates, respectful treatment of others, and avoiding any form of degrading comments about lifestyle, race, religion, politics, or culture. 

If you miss a meeting, don't stress! You can check out the conversations on our podcast - The Urban Village - on Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Anchor. If you have any topics you want us to cover or need to talk with us about something, please email us at tuv@cartershouse.org, and we will contact you. 

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